VILLA MINNA VINEYARD subscribes to the Nutrition Méditerranéenne en Provence charter and to the organic agriculture, a philosophy which has always been part of the way we work.

Since the vintage 2012, wines of VILLA MINNA VINEYARD are certified ORGANIC ECOCERT.

We do not use herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The vineyard soil is ploughed. We encourage the auxiliary fauna and natural predators.

We grind up the cuttings after pruning and plough them back into the soil to return the nutrients to the vines.

We keep treatments to a strict minimum, giving preference to preventive measures, such as trellising, in order to achieve a large leaf area and good ventilation around the bunches of grapes.

Our yields are extremely low at around 25 hectolitres per hectare, as a result of close pruning, careful removal of non-fruiting buds and green harvests during the summer, depending on the grape variety and the numbers of bunches.