Vinification of the red wines is carried out in small stainless steel tanks (20 to 50 hl) exclusively with the natural yeasts present on the grapes.

This seems essential to us for the production of a wine that is a true expression of the terroir.

The active stage of fermentation starts after a few days of pre-fermentation maceration. The must is then pumped over every day, but there is no punching down of the pomace cap, to avoid overworking it.

There is then a long maceration in order to extract the phenolic compounds, followed by pressing and the transfer of the wine to barrels, keeping the free-run wine and the press wine separate for each grape variety, for all of the wines. The wines are transferred to barrels without any filtration.

Vinification of the white wines is carried out in oak barrels and small stainless steel tanks (15 hl) by grape variety and exclusively with the natural yeasts present on the grapes.

We then let malolactic fermentation take place naturally, keeping each grape variety separate; which enables the addition of sulphites to this wine to be kept to a minimum.