The vineyard

A family story!
VILLA MINNA VINEYARD is not a typically French name...Read more


Family owned since 1929, when our grandfather Alexandre used to take the grapes to the village cooperative, the vineyard was abandoned after his death in 1979. It was not until 1987 that Alexandre's grandson, John...

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The VILLA MINNA VINEYARD consists of 15 hectares of vines in South-Eastern France between Aix-en-Provence and Salon-de-Provence, with Mount Sainte-Victoire to the east and the Alpilles to the west...

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Grape varieties

The VILLA MINNA vineyard is planted with Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvèdre, Caladoc and Marselan for the red wines, and Vermentino, Roussanne and Marsanne for the whites; the varieties have been selected...

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A family story!

VILLA MINNA VINEYARD is not a typically French name... was chosen for a combination of reasons :

- the vineyard lies next to the ancient Roman road, AURELIA, and so it seemed logical to use the term "VILLA", which in Roman times meant a wine-producing property.

- a feminine first name, MINNA, helps to communicate the idea of a sensitivity based on finesse and complexity, the soul of great wines.

- the use of the English term VINEYARD shows that we are a more unusual brand, one that is ready to challenge the norm; it also arouses the curiosity of the consumer, who is possibly lost among the multitude of Châteaux and Domaines.

- to adopt a contemporary presentation, with a label reflecting a certain character, with a gouache drawing to attract the eye which is different for each new vintage. These are chosen on the basis of the vintage's characteristics.

– the drawings are by the winegrowers' daughters when they were little: Tytti and Meryl.

"VINEYARD", a paradox that we like to cultivate to define a wine that expresses the terroir and is made according to principles and methods that are deeply rooted in tradition.